Qinhan Cold Forging greet Russian TRITMENT LTD's coming

On November 18, TRITMENT LTD which is one of the leader of Russian’scivilian and military shipbuilding industryhas come to Qinhan Cold Forging for supplier evaluation and negotiations of subsequent orders.


Firstly, Russian TRIMENT pay a visit to QH’s exhibit room.After deeply understanding of Qinhan’s cold forging parts, he speak highly of our product quality and excellent R&D capacity.

Then Russia TRITMENT LTD strictly audit Qinhan’s production site,  after the visiting, the director think highly of Qinhan’s precision process and strict quality control system.

Based on Qinhan cold forging’s high precision product and strict quality control, TRITMENT also have in-depth communication with our R&D team about some difficult technology problems as well.They hope have a long-term cooperation with our company as soon as possible.



Introduce of Russia TRITMENT LTD:

Web: http://www.tritment.ru

- TRITMENT LTD was established in 1992

- supply civilian and military shipbuilding and ship repair yards with components

- certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in 2002 - Customer base covers more than 100 enterprises, throughout the world.