Brief introduction of the Student Career Center

Student Career Center of Xi'an Jiaotong University is a department under the leadership of Career Guidance Committee, which implements the national college students’ employment policy and exercises the function of student employment service, guidance, education and management. It provides high-quality service for the employer recruitment. Student Career Center includes the Department of Information Marketing, the Department of Career Guidance and the General Office. One the one hand, The Student Career Center collecting employment information at home and abroad as well as further-study information, contacting and receiving employing company, cooperating with the Education Department of Shaanxi province on major employment and recruitment activities, acting as a bridge between employers and students, and establishing the practice base. On the other side, it contributes to guide students to have a right understanding of employment and career development, improve their work ability and comprehensive quality, offer good services for graduates to handle employment formalities. It also provides a variety of information includes career planning, career choosing, further studying for them and teach them how to get a good job, study further and start up business.


Student Career Center has 12 full-time staffs and other 78 advisors with various kinds of professional qualification in our university. Meanwhile, there is a volunteer service team composed of nearly 500 students.

Main works

In recent years, Student Career Center has held more than 1000 campus job fairs every year, including more than 1000 campus job fairs; more than 30 medium-sized job fairs, nearly 1000 participating units; 2 large-scale comprehensive job fairs, 520 participating units; 2 medical and health job fairs, 330 participating units; a total of 2 recruiting units to the school; More than 900, has issued more than 4000 recruitment information, providing more than 20 jobs.

In the aspect of employment guidance, we should take the construction of the curriculum system of "College Students'Career Development and Planning" as the core, take career planning guidance as the grasp, revolve around the goal of school personnel training, further promote the work of College Students' career guidance, focus on strengthening the vocational guidance for graduate groups, and offer "career planning and employment" for graduates."Guidance" series of lectures, starting from 2009, has opened related employment and entrepreneurship guidance courses, while the school is committed to building a strong sense of service, theoretical level with a certain degree of research ability of professional teachers, and actively organize the school's employment work responsible for teachers to participate in Vocational guidance, entrepreneurship education specialty Xiang Peixun, the number of trainees is about 40 a year.In addition, the school also pays attention to the construction of campus employment culture. It not only organizes brand activities such as "College Student Entrepreneurship Practice Competition" and "Employment Culture Service Month", but also actively contacts the resources inside and outside the school to hold various kinds of employment-related lectures, covering "the situation of freshmen enrollment and employment" and "civil servants preparing for examination". Open classes, face-to-face with alumni, improvement of professional quality, analysis of labor and contract law, face-to-face with famous enterprises and senior managers, exchange of experience in postgraduate entrance examination, planning career, wonderful life, guidance of job-hunting and contract-signing for college students, etc. Rich campus employment cultural activities; organize student teams to study and exchange in enterprises, science and technology parks and other bases, and bring employment and entrepreneurship education practice into the summer social practice team. In the aspect of entrepreneurship guidance, centering on the work of "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students", we should actively carry out various forms of entrepreneurship education practice activities, strengthen the construction of entrepreneurship education base, launch entrepreneurship education and actively hold entrepreneurship competitions, constantly stimulate students'enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and actively support the opening of students' Entrepreneurship In order to provide strong support for students'entrepreneurship practice, the school has established a "college students' entrepreneurship training base" with an area of 240 square meters, which can accommodate more than 20 entrepreneurship teams to work at the same time, and has a conference area and product release area. At present, there are 8 entrepreneurship project teams who have applied for the base, and the daily management of the base. The association of entrepreneurs is responsible for ensuring that the entrepreneurial team is open all year round.

In terms of internship and practice, we vigorously carried out summer internship recruitment activities and employment internship activities. Our school has provided more than 1100 summer internship posts for graduates. Hold "summer internship recruitment fair", provide more than 200 internship positions, hold more than 20 summer internship special job fairs, provide more than 300 internship positions, 58 enterprises through our school employment information network issued summer internship recruitment plan, provide more than 300 internship positions, Xi'an, Ningbo, Changzhou, Zhangjiagang City There are more than 350 posts for summer internships organized by the local bureau of personnel and social security.

In terms of network platform construction, the school has always attached great importance to information construction. In 2010, our school took the lead in implementing employment online signing in Colleges and universities nationwide. The process of signing contracts between students and employers is fast, convenient and accurate. Thanks to the successful operation of online signing, the effectiveness of the work has been greatly improved. The representative of our school gave a presentation at the National Employment Center Informationization Construction Conference of the Ministry of Education in 2012. He was invited to provide a proposal for the online contract signing of the Employment Information Service System, a "golden education project" undertaken by the National Employment Center. Many colleges and universities and Shanghai Education Commission Employment Center and other units to investigate, our school's "online contract" model has become a domestic paradigm.


Xi'an Jiaotong University, as a member of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Branch of China Higher Education Association, won the title of "Advanced Collective of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" of Higher Education Association in 2014. Our school organizes nearly 50 entrepreneurship-related activities every year, including lectures, salons, base visits, student project roadshows and alumni forums and other models. All kinds of entrepreneurship competitions held and co-sponsored by the school include: undergraduate entrepreneurship practice contest, take-off cup entrepreneurship plan contest, entrepreneurship pioneer selection of Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, and cooperation with some units Wanda entrepreneurship partner collection, black horse contest, Baidu search and marketing contest and other activities. As a group A university, our school participates in the "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students", and the implementation of this program has also promoted the entrepreneurship work of our school students to a new level. Since 2012, the school has organized 450 innovation and entrepreneurship programs, involving 2160 students, with an investment of 9 million yuan. A number of projects have achieved remarkable results, involving: e-commerce network, 3D printing, biomedicine, logistics, new energy and other industries.


Employment guidance center takes "serving graduates and employers" as its tenet, and "constantly innovating employment service mode" as its motive force. It adheres to the concept of "making full use of talents, making full use of talents, satisfying enterprises and mutual benefit" to ensure the export of school talents.


We will continue to innovate in employment guidance, entrepreneurial guidance, practice and contract recruitment, improve the quality of graduates'employment, and strive to build a first-class employment guidance platform. Strengthen exchanges between universities and enterprises, further establish friendly and cooperative relations with domestic and foreign enterprises and the top 500 enterprises in the world, increase exchanges and cooperation projects, and integrate with the international standards, so as to provide a good talent export platform for Xi'an Jiaotong University.

Functions of Student Career Center Information Website

The The Student Career Center Information Website ( is a platform for the communication between graduates and the Center, graduates and employing units, university and society. The Center Web is mainly divided into "home page", "unit service", "enterprise display", "graduate service", "career guidance", "entrepreneurship education", "center brief", "common download" eight modules, "home page" display center notice, news information, activities and lectures and recruitment information. "Unit Services" provides campus recruitment guide, student information view, department contact information, recruitment information release and student resume inquiry. "Corporate Exhibition" announces hot employment companies and related recruitment positions. "Graduation Service" provides services such as registration of graduates, inquiries about employment of previous graduates, relevant policies and regulations, and question answering. Career counseling provides job exchange skills, career planning, career counseling and assessment platform. There are campus recruitment, contract reassignment, policies and regulations, career consultation and so on. "Introduction to the Center" introduces the basic functions, personnel and contact information of the student employment guidance center of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Students can manage personal information and graduate direction after landing. The aim is to create a diversified, rich and effective information platform, to provide students with convenient job search channels, timely recruitment information; to provide enterprises with an excellent recruitment platform, the release of job requirements.

Contact us

Major Campus

Address: No.28, Xianning West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China

Precise location: South of Wutong West Road

Email: (recruitment Information)

Phone: 029-82666682 (career guidance and consultation)

West Campus office

Address: No.74, Yanta West Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China

Precise location: 615 room, Main Teaching building, Jinrong Campus

Responsibilities: mainly responsible for the employment of graduates majoring in medicine and medicine.

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