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Forging scroll plate

Model core component of scroll compressor
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  1. Forging Precision forging Cold extruding

2Ultra high precision dimensional requirements and ultra-high working conditions require the scroll to become a common problem in the industry, Our company relies on the new technology of precision forging and the manufacturing of high precision forging dies, the strength tower over casting,powder metallurgy and other technology products, use time longer and durable; precision is higher than other technology ,It can be improved to meet the requirements of most scroll compressor .

3Scroll plate is the core component of scroll compressor, it is divided into movable and static disk, they all have the Vortex curve, the inhale air will be enclosed in a space when Mutual movement, and through Mutual movement, this space will smaller and smaller, compress the air. This difficult key is :movable and static disk always have two face maintain line contact in the course of movement ,because to compress the air, all two sets line contacts to formed closed space with certain tightness requirements, and required that the size accuracy and bath consistency of movable and static disk are almost perfect.